At the celebration a couple weeks ago, they looked back on the last 25 years of the Lord’s faithfulness as the founders of NTM-Germany shared many stories and testimonies.

It was not only interesting to hear the history but also really challenging for Benjamin and Wina’s own lives and faith. It kindled new courage to believe in God’s purposes for them and to trust Him in prayer. Too easily outward circumstances or our own ideas and thoughts can distract us from what God actually has planned for us.

Benjamin and Wina want to grow in their dependence on God and the importance of prayer in every aspect of life. Pray for them in this area, because it will affect their whole life and ministry.

In the last six months, Benjamin had the privilege of assisting nearly twenty young people with preparations for their service overseas. Now most of them have already “flown out” and God willing, they will be a blessing and a support to the long-term missionaries. Please pray for the “short-termers”, especially now at the beginning of their time on location, as they experience things that for them are perhaps unusual, foreign and uncomfortable. Most will serve for a whole year but some longer and some shorter. Pray that God will cause each of them to grow closer to Him during this time.

The new wave of applicants has already begun and so Benjamin and Wina are not bored! They are experiencing God’s peace as they are involved in this ministry and are a part of God’s larger plan, even though they are just a small ‘piece of the puzzle!’

Wina now works in the office two mornings a week. She tries to support and help Benjamin where she can and is involved in some other smaller projects. Please pray for them and their work at the headquarters in Germany.

From November, it will be “just” the two of them working in short-term ministries. Pray that they can prepare and assist the applicants as well as possible.

From early November until January, they will be in the USA. They are really looking forward to spending time with Benjamin’s family and with the saints at Keystone Bible Chapel and other friends and relatives as well. While Ben and Wina are there, they will also continue with their office work for NTM-Germany.

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