An incredible team

Donovan and Charla Epp now have a roof back over their heads! Co-workers Bob, along with Cole and Alex (who are in the process of building their own houses) took the time out of their BUSY schedules to spend two days to help fix Don and Char’s roof. Their generosity in giving their time was so humbling and meaningful.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) generously covered the cost for the flights used to bring their roofing materials and people into the village. MAF also had a technician on staff to help fix the internet and help put back their solar panels.

The Lord has provided the cost of their roofing material through generous supporters. They are so thankful to the team of people that has again stood behind them, and with them.  THANK YOU!

They have been cleaning up the inside of the house and all the mess left behind after a 270 km wind blew through.

Don, Char, and their kids were very honoured to be able to play a small part in the relief efforts, packing rice and helping with its distribution as part of a team comprising of several organisations. They look forward to seeing God work as His love continues to be shown in such a practical way.

(Photo taken and owned by MAF)