An important milestone

Aurélie can now focus on other things than language learning and she hopes to get started with Bible translation in the coming months.
Before starting Bible translation there is still work to be done for literacy. The team have started translating some small books. Very soon the people will be able to read and write in their own language! André and Aurélie can’t wait (and the people can’t either!) for the day when they will read.
André and Aurélie are thankful for all the prayer they received during recent conflict between tribal groups that caused the death of two villagers. Please continue to pray as the conflict is not over. Pray that the situation will calm down and there will not be revenge attacks. In the meantime, the family of the nephew of one of the men that died has now decided to live in the village in order to hear God’s Word.
Recently a young woman in the village had a difficult childbirth and had to be airlifted to a hospital. The helicopter was already scheduled to visit the village that day so it made it easy to send her to the hospital. Aurélie spent the night with the village ladies. All night long they would give commands to the lady as they believe in the power of words and in positive thinking. If someone is sick they tell him “You will get better; this sickness is not big; sickness, stop!”etc… they really believe this is going to help the person.
Please pray for this family, the young mother gave birth to a second child at the hospital. All are doing well.
It is the third airlift to the hospital in less than three months. The missionary team really feel they are under attack. Difficulties come one after the other. It is a spiritual battle so please continue to pray!
In the midst of all the trials Nathanaël, Laure-Élise, Lydianne and Abigaïl are doing well, praise the Lord.

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