An honour

Darcy Berglund is thankful for prayer, as she has continued to tick another chapter or project or file off her various charts that help her keep track of things. It strengthens her faith that your prayers are so very effective. God is at work enabling her to do what she could never do on her own. Keep up the good partnership. It is of eternal value! Churches on the other side of the globe are being and will continue to be strengthened in the Word through His work. Darcy counts it an amazing honour to be able to be a part of it with you from her home in the USA. Pray for clear direction as to whether Darcy should make a trip to Asia-Pacific this autumn.

One of Darcy’s translation helpers has put in many long days this month receiving content-checking input for revision on her 25 Bible stories and has graciously accepted each note of revision needed. She learnt that every detail however small mattered. She has truly benefited from prayer this month! Please continue to pray for the computer problems that she has been experiencing. Fortunately she had all revisions in and sent before it developed into worsening problems but something still needs to be done about it (probably a new keyboard) before she starts on the next project. Pray that the computer can be fixed and start working well. Pray for the four people who proofread the stories.

Another lady, has been learning how to send and receive files from her village. All her hard work has paid off. Last week she was finally able to send all her files successfully in a way that Darcy could access them. She is still working on drafting Judges 5 – 6 but had to take a month off to prepare her new rice field for the autumn, cutting down the brush and trees in an old rubber garden of her sisters. Pray for wisdom in drafting.

A new person is going to join the Gerai literacy team working on putting together some of the recorded stories. Please pray for him. He has been serving in his local church for the past couple of years and really has a heart to serve the Lord. Pray for him as he begins to learn the basics of writing correct punctuation and making readers.

Pray for funds for helping their churches with printed material.