An exhausting journey

Last month, two of the Dinangat Bible teachers blessed Ralf and Elli Schlegel and team by willingly hiking for two days through mountainous terrain and another full day on a PMV (public motor vehicle) to drive up the treacherous road to get to where Ralf and Elli now live in Goroka.

The journey was exhausting, and they had many aches and pains once they got off the PMV. They did this to save them hundreds of dollars in flights. They did this to help work on the Bible translation for their people. They did this for the Lord. In addition, Ralf and Elli were so very grateful for the week they were able to spend with them working through several translation projects and catching up on life in the village. Please continue to pray for wisdom and grace for the accurate translation of every verse of Scripture they work on!

At the end of the week, the Bible teachers spoke frankly of the many discouragements they were facing as teachers, the challenges and the trials. They confessed that they felt like they were not doing a good job. While some things weigh heavy on their hearts, Ralf and Elli’s overiding response is, “This is good,” because these dear men have come to a place where they are recognising their own weaknesses; their helplessness to exact real spiritual change in the body. They are anxious to see what the Lord is going to do, because once they see their helplessness, and then the Lord can use them! The Lord is attracted to weakness, for in our weakness, HE is made strong! Ralf with co-workers Jeremiah and Gary were able to spend time encouraging them in the Word and praying together. Ralf and Elli are excited about what the Lord has planned for them! Please do not forget to continue to pray for Dinangat, they need your prayer!

A couple of weeks ago, Ralf and Elli had the opportunity to attend a workshop about “Transitions for TCKs“, (Third culture kids). They learned all about their kids that grow up in PNG but are not citizens and then after graduating from school they are transitioning back to their “home” country where they do not feel at home. Last summer Ralf and Elli left their daughter Naomi in Germany where she started this big transition of living and working in Germany. Since then she has had many new experiences in her life, good ones and hard ones. However, Naomi has experienced God in her life in a very real way as she has seen Him take care of her with so much love, grace and patience.

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