An exciting trip

Stephan and Sandra Hunziker and children recently took a 518km trip to the village where they will continue with their language and culture study. However, it felt a lot longer, with almost 1300 bends and most of them on the last 150km! The trip takes about nine driving hours, which means two days of travel for them as a family. They plan to move in about a month and be a support to the team that works with the Eastern Pwo Karen.

Stephan and Sandra’s prayers for a safe and fun trip, for the house which they had already looked at some months ago to be still available and to meet a lot of different people especially local Christians were all answered positively. They also had some time to relax as a family. All these answers to prayer confirmed to them that this was the right path to follow.

One of the best things that happened was that the husband and owner of the house they plan to rent, is one of the few Christians in the village. However, it was the non-christian landlady that told Sandra: “You are sent from God, that’s not just coincidence!“ What a warm welcome. The three Christian families in the village meet every week to learn more about God and she said that they would be so happy to have Stephan and Sandra there too! The reason why the landlady isn’t yet a believer is as simple as it is complicated. She said she just does not understand what it is about.

Sandra was not at all ready for the trip and even less so when she thought they might need to look for a house – again! The thought of moving again made her want to cry! She was even more grateful for all the confirmations and good experiences they had during that trip! God was clearly at work, He is to be praised!

Pray for Benaja, Sophia and Emily as they also say goodbye to their friends, and adjust to a new location and make new friends.

In conclusion, they are all super excited!

Pray that their time in the city will end well and for a safe move and a good transition time.