An exciting day

It was an exciting day for Ralf and Elli Schlegel, who serve among the Dinangat people of Papua New Guinea, when they recently watched twelve people follow the Lord in baptism! Ten teens and two elderly ladies declared their faith publicly, including their daughter, Mimi! It was such a blessing to see them honour the Lord this way!

About a month ago, a group of men from town came into Dinangat and murdered a young man. However, the Dinangat church responded to this with much compassion, care and prayer. Something then happened which they say has never before taken place in the Dinangat history: instead of the typical revenge, they chose to leave this matter in God’s hand and forgave this group of men publicly. Wow! Thank you God for changed hearts!

One area of concern for the Dinangat church is the young people in the village, as they seem to really struggle with living out what they say they believe – especially in the area of relationships and marriage. Elli and co-worker April, along with their two girls had a unique opportunity to do a Bible study on this area, during which they also shared pictures of their daughter Naomi, and now husband, Jaeden’s wedding that took place this summer. Please pray that God would stir the hearts of parents to be active teachers in their teenagers’ lives, which historically has been anti-cultural!

Translation continues, and their co-worker Jeremiah, was able to get the whole book of Matthew checked! With the help of two translation consultants and two Dinangat helpers, several days were spent checking over the 900 verses. They are excited that, after a few minor adjustments, it will be ready to print and be given to the Dinangat church! Praise the Lord with them for His grace in giving strength and perseverance through this whole process!

While Jeremiah was busy with the translation check, Ralf spent a whole week hiking through the beautiful mountains of the Uruwa language group, which borders the Dinangat tribe. With two new missionaries (Luke and Nathan) and three Dinangat believers, they visited every single village of this tribe and were overwhelmed by the welcome and positive responses like, “Yes, please come and translate the Bible into our language!” or “We are like rocks who understand nothing of the Word of God! Please come and explain it to us!”

The Dinangat team are so grateful for your prayers.