An exceptional year

Sibylle learnt so much and acquired many useful tools. But it was God’s power that led and helped her and will lead and help in the future. She learnt from the teachers and saw their walk with the Lord. She gained new insights in various topics which have helped her to prepare for the work overseas. Some classes were overwhelming, some very touching and some quite emotional.

Sibylle is very grateful for the connections she formed with staff, teachers, fellow students, and with her “church family”. She loved living amongst and working with an international student body, even though sometimes it could be challenging. Learning does not end here. On our journey with God, we are lifelong learners. 

Since returning to Germany, Sibylle has travelled a lot and visited family and friends. She has also been working for three days a week at her old school. This is a huge blessing and has helped her to get into a routine. She is responsible for a group of six lively boys, who love mathematics and are therefore a year ahead. Also, she has a group who do NOT like reading and writing. Sibylle is also organising the Christmas musical.

Sibylle is still not sure what her future employment at “Numonohi Christian Acadamy” in Papua New Guinea holds for her but God knows and He is able. In September, she had the chance to pack boxes and ship them to Northern Ireland. A container was waiting there to be shipped to Papua New Guinea. Time was short but she managed to pack 60 kg of schoolbooks, her duvet and some personal items. Right now everything is on its way and supposed to be there by the first week of January.
When Sibylle returned to Germany, she had some doubts as to whether it was possible to get her work and entry permit so she could leave in January. Even though she still does not have her passport with the visa, she is planning on leaving early in January for PNG. There is still some paperwork left, vaccinations, visits and things to organise.

On January 19th, the next phase of Sibylle’s learning will start with Pidgin English and PNG culture study. She is already praying for her future language helper. She hopes she can easily connect and form a good relationship with her so they can be friends.
Pray for Sibylle as she starts to say her goodbyes and makes her final preparations for PNG.

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