An end and a new beginning…


Not many people get to celebrate the end of their time in e2 (national culture and language study) with a roast dinner at a beautiful location! – It is usually a cake at the HQ. However, at the the end of November, Esmé was invited to join the newest group starting out in e2, at the end of their week away, (where they were learning more about the next stages of the language programme), and there she shared some of her experiences. Give thanks for her time in e2, for all the Lord has been teaching her and for the friendships that she has made.

Even before Esmé officially came to the end of e2, she had begun training for the bookkeeping role that she has taken on for this interim period. Please continue to pray that the Lord would raise up someone willing to serve as bookkeeper long term…and meanwhile, that Esmé would serve faithfully and ably in this role over these next few months.

December was a busy month for weddings – many weddings in West Africa take place at times when the family is already gathered together, this helps to ensure that everyone can be there, (travel and taking time out of work is not easy or cheap for those on very low wages).

In mid-December, Esmé travelled over a long weekend with national friends to a wedding in another region. The Lord gave protection for all the travelling she did back and forth over December and into January! She is thankful for the special time spent with friends and the opportunity to be an encouragement to the bride over her wedding. Give thanks for a church there, where her husband is an elder, but pray for good, faithful Biblical teaching in the church and that they would not be swayed by the traditions and syncretism in the community around them.

Recently Esmé said farewell to one of her West African language helpers who has become a good friend, as she has now moved to Germany to be with her husband. Please pray that they would both come to know the Lord.

Many of Esmé’s national friends struggle with poverty and carry great responsibility for their family members. For some, a search for a better life takes them to another country…and this takes place suddenly, without much warning (if any) to the friends they leave behind. One of Esme’s travelling companions from church did just this a few weeks ago. Pray for her as she settles into a new life.

The older brother of Esme’s host ‘mum’ has been very unwell for the last two years and the doctors have recommended urgent surgery. Since he has turned to Christ, his family want nothing to do with him. Esmé’s host family have recently had family weddings and an expensive trip over Christmas to visit relatives, so it would not be possible for them to support him fully either. Please pray for a financial and medical solution for this man.

Since beginning her role in the office, Esmé has enjoyed getting to know her work colleagues. Please pray that those who do not know the Lord would come to know Him. In addition, that those who do know Him would grow closer to Him. Pray for opportunities to speak of the hope that she has as a believer in Christ…especially at a time when many are fearful.

Continue to pray for Esmé to have good health. She recently asked for a medical referral to see a top specialist (for an existing condition), back in the UK. Miraculously this request has been granted and an appointment has been made. Give thanks to the Lord for this and pray that the appointment would go well…and that it will still be possible, given the current health concerns across the world.

Pray for her spiritual well-being and for protection of her quiet times that she would remain close to Him. (John 3:30). Pray for His equipping in order to STAND firm in spiritual battle.

Pray for wisdom and clear direction for the future, for teammates and for wisdom in selecting a people group to serve among. Also for a new place to live for now and for the right person with whom to share an apartment.