An encouraging start

Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen are so excited to be back in the village in the Philippines. What a joy for them to be surrounded by Kankanaey believers! It has been a loooong process, but they are so thankful that God kept leading them one step at a time towards that last step.

Arriving in the Philippines from Canada on November 11th and after taking care of quite a few things in Manila, they took the six-and-a-half hour drive north to the village. When they stopped for some fresh fruit and vegetables at the closest market to the village, two of their Kankanaey friends were there to greet them. After a few catch up moments, they followed them up the steep and windy road as far as they are able to take the truck. Other believers were there to greet them and help carry their belongings the last fifteen-minute hike up the mountain.

More friends awaited them to welcome them back to their home. They had done an excellent job of cleaning their house, and had prepared a yummy meal of rice and chicken adobo. Ragnar and Elizabeth continued to sit around in the afternoon catching up while enjoying a cup of coffee and freshly harvested papaya. What a warm welcome! It did not take long for them to once again feel at home. They are blessed with wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord in the Philippines.

Just a couple of days later they were in the middle of a larger group worshipping together, excited to be singing in Kankanaey once more. It was so encouraging for them to listen to one of the Bible teachers expound on 1 Samuel 1. It was obvious that he had spent a lot of time studying this passage, and his thoughts were deep and meaningful. All without notes. God certainly has given him the gift of teaching and it is wonderful for Ragnar and Elizabeth to see him using it.

Following the service they continued to enjoy time with their brothers and sisters in Christ while enjoying lunch together before a time of prayer in the afternoon. What an encouraging start to being back.

Continue to pray for the Kankanaey believers and for Ragnar and Elizabeth as they check Bible lessons with the Kankanaey men.