Amazing things

Chris and Meegan Weaver are looking forward to the Lord doing some amazing things this year, but also a bit anxious as they know it will be a very hard and busy season as well.

They have loved spending the holidays with family, and have treasured their home assignment time in the USA. Right after Christmas, they were able to take a couple days for debriefing with their kids on their time serving as missionaries in support roles. Now they are wrapping up their time in the USA and getting their bags prepped, sorted, and weighed. They are eager to get back to their teammates who have been working so hard to get materials ready for house building in a new ministry location among the Uruwa people.

God has provided funds through the generosity of His people for the house they will build in the remote jungle. They are humbled and praising the Lord for His provision. They do not quite have the total estimated budget yet but they are very encouraged.

At the beginning of December, the Mission leadership and team were able to go in and sign the land agreement with the landowner and the community leaders. They are so thankful that several villages offered up land for them to use and that they will be close to the airstrip!

After the land agreement, the team office was built! It is a great place to store materials and possibly a place for the men to sleep during house building. The team are incredibly thankful for those that gave towards this project, as it will be a place of so much discipleship and learning for years to come.

The past couple of weeks have been busy with planning and conversations about building the houses. Chris and Meegan are excited to get back to PNG and get this project underway so that they can move in amongst the Uruwa people! It will be an intense time of house building with Chris and co-worker Aydin in the village while the ‘girls’ stay back at the support centre without them. They will make multiple trips over the next few months and be gone close to a month at a time. As you can imagine this is really hard on a family!

Shuttles have started to get all of the house building supplies into the village and will continue until about the time Chris and Meegan get back to PNG. Then Chris and Aydin will be heading out  in mid-February to officially begin house building.

Prayer & Praises

Pray for:

– The family as they transition yet again, saying goodbye to family and friends.

– His sustaining grace for their family in the USA as they are apart for such long timeframes.

– Safety and protection, and smooth travels.

– Team unity as they prepare, plan and make decisions together.

– Dependence and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

– Wisdom and guidance as they disciple their kids

– For Aydin and Calyn to do well with online school

-For His supernatural gifting to learn the Uruwa language in a timely manner

-That as they build houses amongst them that they will see the Light and be drawn to the truth

Praise the Lord for:

– His goodness and faithfulness.

-.His overwhelming and abundant provision.

– The gift of time in the USA; being able to reconnect and rest.

– All those who continue to encourage and show love to them!