Amazing protection

Paul and Irene Pries praise God for His amazing protection last month. A tree (about 80 feet tall) fell across the missionaries’ yards. The branches hit their co-workers bathroom roof and Paul and Irene’s back porch. Thankfully none of the kids were playing outside at the time. It fell right where they usually play and knocked down their swing and a smaller tree they like to climb. Irene was sitting on their back porch and saw it coming down, but was so surprised she did not move. God has held his protecting hand over them and they are very grateful.
Hannah and Pascal have finished their school year. They did extremely well and generally enjoy school. They are thankful for a very well organised school programme that they are able to order from Germany. They are enjoying their break and have a lot of time to spend with their friends, playing outside and doing fun projects, like building a table from scrap wood, or helping to build a fort up in the trees.
The teaching continues three times a week in the village and they have now started to teach in a neighbouring village as well. This makes it a very busy schedule, but they are praising the Lord for open doors. Even though the groups have shrunk there are still about 30 people altogether that continue to attend the meetings. Pray that the seed would grow and produce fruit. Also pray for soft hearts and the willingness to listen.
One of team’s main translation helpers is doing an excellent job helping to translate the Bible portions that are needed for the chronological teaching as well as helping to write the lessons. He has heard more than any other person in the village. But he has also decided that he does not need to come to the teaching. He feels he knows it all and is a good person. Pray that his heart will change and he will come to know the truth and believe in Jesus as his Saviour.

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