Amazing grace

André and Aurélie recently shared that one of the women who attended all the Bible lessons had not been feeling well for a long time. Once the teaching was over, she went to town to have a health check. They found out that she had TB and that it was pretty bad. Two weeks later, she was dying. She died among her family when she came back from town (her village is a few hours walk from where André and Aurélie live). They are amazed at her testimony on her deathbed, and amazed at God’s perfect timing.

Before she died, she said, “Don’t worry for me and don’t cry; I am going to be with Jesus and be happy forever. Throw away your sadness and tell the missionaries not to pray for me to get better because I just want to go and rest with Jesus.”

Her joy and peace were a very strong testimony of God’s grace. Her family said that they never saw someone die like that before and that they want to hear God’s Word! Three days after her death, they even gathered for a meal to rejoice about her being in heaven! Before, they were all so afraid of dying, what a difference! They say, “This is a new thing we have seen, we never saw someone die like that before!”

To God be the glory! If she had died earlier, she would not have been able to hear the whole story of God’s salvation. If she had died later, she probably would have come back to André and Aurélie’s village, and her family could not have seen her peace while she was facing death…

Thank you for praying. God is answering in amazing ways!

The team have started the teaching again, to help the young church to grow in the faith. Please continue to pray!

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