Amazing answers to prayer

Esmé has now been in West Africa for just over two weeks! She has been blessed with a lovely welcome both publicly (a welcome party a few days after she arrived) and privately from so many individuals. Esmé is so thankful to be living together with two other missionaries for the first few months as she begins to learn to communicate with the wider community…and ultimately, as she becomes more a part of the community herself. Recently Esmé went to the bakery by herself to get bread! Even the smallest tasks are a challenge…it’s like beginning all over again as a child. Please pray that Esmé would be teachable.

The day before Esme flew out to West Africa, what seemed to be impossible was resolved and the Lord has made a way to continue receiving the correct medication while she serves overseas.

It’s hot and sticky and Esmé finds herself longing for air conditioned areas…such as the bakery across the street, or the local supermarket! There are actually not so many shops in our area (as we know them in the UK)…but Esmé is glad these two are nearby! The fans in the apartment are also a welcome sight after stepping outside…along with the shower! It is the rainy season…they have had some rain, which makes it cooler for a while. But even of a night it is quite warm and humid…and to sleep comfortably it’s good to have a fan.

Almost every vehicle on the street is public transport of some form. There are many taxis…but the cheapest way to travel by far is by ‘car rapide’ (a colourful minibus) or by ‘Ndiaga ndiaye’ (a white minibus). The markets are busy, bustling places – with every available space filled with people, food, smells and new sights.

Please pray for Esmé to adjust well to the climate and culture. Pray that she would be able to sleep well and that she would not cause offence by her lack of knowledge of the language and culture. Although there are many differences in the culture, ultimately the people are not so different – they have the same need…the need of a Saviour. Pray that the Lord would touch their hearts and turn them to Himself.

Pray that Esmé will make good and wise, genuine friendships in the coming days, weeks and months and that these friendships would not be focussed on language learning alone…but that they would be real and lasting. Also for the Lord to enable Esmé to hear clearly in order to learn French and important cultural information – may she simply trust and depend upon Him.

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