Geoff and Shannon Husa, who serve the Mibu people of Papua New Guinea from the USA, have been busy with kids’ school and ministry. Geoff is still slowly pushing through development of Revelation lessons and the last bits of the elder training’ lesson corrections. One of the Mibu elders is helping him, as he can, to go through the elder training lessons to make sure they are communicating clearly, before they are formatted for printing. Shannon is working outside of the home, and trying to get ahead with taking care of some medical stuff. The kids are in their final stretch of the year (Ethan 4th grade, Abby 7th grade, Maddie 9th grade, Skyler 11th grade).

Please be in prayer for the community in Mibu who are now trying to put their lives back together after the devastation caused by the attacks of a gang, and the influx of people who were displaced from their homes. Geoff’s main translation helper, and others who help him understandably find it difficult to give the time needed to work with him on lessons and translation so that can slow things down a bit. For now Geoff mostly work on things he can do on his own from home in the USA.

An amazing update is that the church leaders in Mibu sent word to the gang recently, highlighting all the devastation that they have caused. They rounded up their message with the notion that with all they took, they neglected to take the very best thing, which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ who died to pay completely for their sins, make them right with God, and give them hope. They were all shocked to hear that the gang leader responded saying that they were done with the attacks. What a complete turnaround! The gang leader also wants the Gospel message to be brought to them! The power of the Gospel has been seen in Mibu and beyond, and so the expectation is that it can have its effect on the gang members too. Pray that this is a genuine and lasting change of heart and for wisdom for the Mibu church leaders.

Geoff tried everything but surgery last year to resolve some issues with debilitating elbow pain that’s been getting worse for a number of years. They are so thankful God stepped in and graciously provided the needed funds specifically for them to be able to move forward with these two surgeries and another one on his knee for a nagging meniscus issue. Shannon’s hip has been bothering her for some time too. It turns out that living and hiking in the jungle, and also lots of hours at a computer comes with physical issues! Pray that they can get these resolved and resume normal living again. Currently they both struggle to get the exercise they need and that has been getting them down a bit. Geoff’s recently had surgery on his right elbow! Pray that this would resolve the issue, and for a good recovery.

Geoff would like to return to Papua New Guinea at some point in the summer, in order to visit and be an encouragement to the church in Mibu (and they to him), and just generally be of service anywhere needed.