Amazed to see God’s provision.

God provided a newly renovated, two-bedroom apartment. Having lived in limbo since February, it is wonderful for them to be settled in their own place and they are enjoying the bonus of the extra bedroom (it’s the first time Samuel isn’t in the same bedroom as them). Their apartment is located in a poor neighbourhood and they are looking forward to seeing how God can use them in the community. There are a number of parks nearby and playgroups at the local community centre, which allows them to meet people and at the same time Samuel can have fun.
Samuel has done so well during this time of transition. He is 22 months old and is becoming a ‘big’ boy; learning new words every day and is nearly potty trained. He loves being with his grandparents. Alessandro and Chantal are still waiting for an appointment with the allergist for Samuel. Pray that they get an appointment soon. Also pray that Samuel will know his Saviour at a young age and for wisdom for Alessandro and Chantal in their role as parents.
Another reason for praise is that most of their paperwork involved in becoming residents of Ontario has been completed. Chantal’s health has greatly improved over the past months; now she is simply experiencing the normal fatigue and discomforts related to the last month of pregnancy. They are excited to meet their new little one, due October 7th. Until then, they are busy preparing for her arrival and getting caught up in administrative things.
Ministry among the Konyagi continues and the chronological Bible lessons are being taught! Pray that the Bible teacher might teach well, that many people will continue to attend and that the people will understand and be transformed by God’s Word.
Pray for the Bible teacher’s family, for their spiritual growth and that God will provide for their needs. Praise the Lord that the Bible teacher’s leg has healed after a serious injury. However, he planted his fields late so pray that he might have a good harvest.
The Hofer and Nachtigall families are doing well. Pray for the Nachtigall family who have been back in the village in Guinea since July and are continuing with culture and language study. Pray for the Hofer family, who are currently in the USA, as they prepare for their return and settle back into their life and ministry in the village at the beginning of October.
Praise the Lord for the progress that has been made on the Bible translation so far! The Jenkins family from SIL is currently on home assignment in the USA. Pray that this will be a refreshing time for them and that they will be ready to resume this important ministry when they return to Senegal.
Pray that God will go before the missionary team to prepare the way and will continue to prepare the hearts of the Konyagi to hear the message of salvation and that it will transform their lives. Also pray for wisdom for them to deal with the various situations that come up and in decision making. As a team they desire that God would be given top priority and that each day they would get to know God better and become the people God wants them to be.
Praise the Lord that the Ebola situation in Guinea has greatly improved and the missionaries are returning. Pray that there would be no new cases.

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