Always faithful

Samuel Schuster is still teaching the linguistic subjects in the missions course. His new team is working well together and the two new co-workers are a huge help. Right now they are teaching a lot of theory that will be applied later in January when the students will go to a different island and language group for nine weeks. They will put into practice what they have learnt and preparations are already under way. Please pray that everything can be prepared and organised well.
There are not many students this year studying at the national trainings centre. Also, there are a few changes in staff. Right now there are many thoughts about changes and what the future could look like for the training programme for that part of Asia-Pacific. Please pray for wisdom and dependence on the Lord in all decisions ahead.
Samuel, Judith and the children have often been unwell, especially the children. Many times it is only a stomach bug or a cold but times when everybody is well are rare. When the children are sick it limits Judith’s activities (e.g. helping at child care or doing book keeping). Pray for better health but most of all for content and joyful hearts in times of sickness and when things go differently to their plans.
Joel still loves to go to child care on campus and play with his friends. At home he loves to play outside in their yard and with the neighbour’s kids too.
Even though Hannah is sick a lot she is a happy and active girl. She enjoys going to child care twice a week with Judith.
In October they enjoyed some visitors from Germany. A special treat for Joel and Hannah was that Emma, their cousin who is the same age as Joel, was able to visit too. After two weeks of playing together and making memories it was hard for them to say goodbye.

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