Almost half way

Jenny de Jong is still staying with her colleagues, as her accommodation is not ready. Although she is looking forward to moving, she is happy that she can maintain contacts in the area. It is almost impossible for her to walk down the street without lingering somewhere for a little chat.

Jenny’s orientation for ministry in West Africa has begun. This month she plans to travel to Guinea with a colleague to visit a village where the missionary had previously lived. It is an opportunity for Jenny to get an impression of ‘life in the bush’ and the work that is done there. It is still her desire to work with children.

In addition to her language helper, Jenny recently met with a medical student to do language activities together and found it refreshing to receive input and correction. She is very happy with this new friendship and the help that she receives. Thank God, for the progress her progress in language study and for the student that in her spare time helps Jenny fine-tune her French.

Recently, the language coach joined her language session to give her some feedback. The coach was positive about Jenny’s understanding of the French language and the way she can speak it now. There is still plenty of work to be done with regard to grammar. Pray for God’s help in studying the French language, working on abstract language use. The various grammatical challenges that concern her every day. She hopes to have an evaluation this month. By then she will be almost halfway through this final language phase. The days are long and full. Pray that Jenny finds a balance between ‘rest’ and ‘being active’ and for a good night’s rest.

It was wonderful for Jenny to stand in front of a group of children again and to teach them more about God, the Bible and prayer through a Sunday school lesson. She hopes to be able to do this more in the future, and in various settings. It was not new for her… but certainly very different. The first challenge was that the children wore facemasks. From time to time, she had to guess what they were saying. She has also been able to sit in at a Christian school in for a few days! The classes are large, around 50 students. In public education, the numbers go up to 100 students per class!

Jenny’s host family is not only a help in understanding the culture but now they are also very good friends. Her host mom recently had her tonsils removed. Jenny spent two days with her in the hospital, which provided a lot of time to talk. The operation was successful; it is the recovery that takes time, which Jenny’s host mom finds hard being the mother of five children. Pray that this time will draw here closer to the Lord.

Pray for continued stability in West Africa.