All Scripture

Though they would love to all be going again, they are grateful for that opportunity last summer to all go as a family! Poul left home 23rd February, and is in Sorimi until the end of March, and arrives back home early April. Please pray for this time with the church and in translation, health for Poul and the people, the Lord’s continual provision for the expenses involved, and the family at home.

Thank the Lord for His Word: ‘All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2Tim 3: 16, 17’. These verses remind us how vital it is to us as well as to the Sorimis. Over the past months, Poul has completed his first draft of Hebrews, Luke and Acts, so he can do the next step of fine-tuning it with his translation helpers in Sorimi. Others will help with comprehension checking of Philippians, 2 Timothy and portions of Luke. He will be trying to finalise various translation works in preparation for a consultant check on his next trip in October.

Last summer, James was one of the books completed during his translation check! It has been printed into a booklet and Poul has been preparing Bible lessons to teach it this time.

Gold seems to be increasing in the area, attracting Sorimi people and those from other language groups. Poul will be trying to challenge and encourage believers about the benefit of this income while not allowing “love of money” to hinder their walk with God and fellowship with one another.

The Sorimi people seem to have returned more to their semi-nomadic ways since Poul, Carol and family moved out and their gardens are not local to the main village. The church seems to remain strong, but it is not always easy for all the believers to come and go to the village when Poul is teaching.

There has been a lot of rain lately, which also is causing illness. During these times the people sometimes stay away from the village so they aren’t around all the illness; but even when in the village, they have less enthusiasm to do things in bad weather. This affects the translation helpers as they seem slower in their work progress; a few of them have malaria and colds and are unable to help Poul who has also just come down with malaria and a chest cold.

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