All of His Word

In a recent update from Jan and Annette Wols, they shared about the fire that burned two of their translation helpers’ houses to the ground. They were able to start rebuilding so now both have a roof over their heads again. Because of the shortage of wood, it will not take much for wind and intruders to get through the walls. One of the men did start proof reading but the other, who also has a fulltime job as security guard has not as much time to work on proofreading the Lamogai Old Testament, especially as he had to work on rebuilding his house.

Jan and Annette have had the privilege of some of the Lamogai leaders visiting them at the mission centre. They were able to answer some of their proofreading questions. In addition, they were able to help them buy a rice mill to process their homegrown rice for selling or to eat themselves. They tested the machine and made it for transportation to their village. After their meetings and work, Jan helped them travel the first part of their two-day journey home.

To watch Jan and Annette’s presentation about the history and development of the Lamogai Bible, and the impact God’s Word has on the lives of the Lamogai people click here.

Jan and Annette are grateful for each person who is involved in making God’s Word available for the people in Lamogai, making it possible for them to read and study about the Good News in their own language.