All go

For Jonathan and Rachel Willcock the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur but they are doing well and recently made it safely to Colombia.

They had a lovely time in Oklahoma, USA, over Christmas, spending time with family and with their sending church. After returning to England at the beginning of this month, they moved into their new home in Norwich before heading to Colombia last Monday.

Last week Jonathan has been meeting with the field leadership and this week he is sharing at the field conference and Rachel is part of the music group leading worship. After conference they will be involved in the staff orientation at the Training Institute before classes begin. It’s all go, but Jonathan and Rachel enjoy what they do and are grateful to God that they could move house in between all their travelling.

A church in Norwich chose the Training Institute in Colombia for their Christmas offering and it is encouraging to be able to tell the staff there that the church has given a sizeable gift for the Institute’s building projects.