All go!

More than two years have passed since Peter and Rachel Bittle and family departed for the other side of the world, and now they are beginning to make some plans to return to Northern Ireland in November, and back to Asia-Pacific in May. They are very much looking forward to this time, especially spending time with family and friends who are near to their hearts, and who they have missed dearly. They trust it will also prove to be a time of spiritual and physical refreshment, as they feel pretty worn out on both fronts!

At the beginning of May as a family, they moved islands, unpacked into their new house, and spent time dedicated to orientation re: their new area/team/leadership/church/goals. A series of medical issues and sickness of one family member or another, followed. They had all just about recovered in time to be told to prepare to travel to extend their visa paperwork right in the middle of rising Covid numbers. They ended up being away for three weeks instead of the expected three days! In addition, to complete the fun/stress – the week they arrived home they had another language evaluation. It has been all go!

This next month is also very busy as they continue as normal with home schooling, language sessions, and the various church activities, whilst also trying to meet with friends. They also plan to make a trip to a town where they hope to serve in the future. This is a one-hour flight (or fourteen-hour drive) east. Please pray for Peter and Rachel in the busyness of all these things.

Peter is preaching in church at the end of October.  He is also continuing to meet once a week with a neighbour who wants to know more about God.

They need to pack their house up before leaving (in the hope that another family will rent it from them).

Pray for clarity and wisdom regarding the vaccine situation.