All clear and ready to go!

Steve and Gerdine Stanley recently received unexpected news on their last visit to the hospital. Oscar’s medical tests have shown that everything looks very normal. Meaning they have been given the all clear to return to PNG.

Oscar is a healthy, happy baby though and he is about to start his adventure in Papua New Guinea.

They have purchased tickets to fly back to PNG late November, via Hong Kong, which will be a new experience. They thank the Lord for providing the finances. The journey will take 29 hours in total, with three transfers and Oscar does not have his own seat, he will be on their laps or hopefully sleeping in the little cot the airline provides. It is going to be a challenge for them all!

Steve and Gerdine have now left Milnrow that had been their home for three months. They loved being there; living in their own space as a family with work to do and ministry to help in. Pray for them to trust the Lord as they wrestle with anxiety and stress from uprooting themselves again.

On returning to PNG, Steve and Gerdine’s goal is to move into a remote area where people are unreached by the Gospel. They want to learn to communicate clearly in their heart language so that they can share this life changing truth with them, leaving them with the materials they need to learn, grow and stand on their own, which includes literacy materials, Bible lessons and a Bible translation.

Steve and Gerdine have spent two years in PNG already and have got to know the national language and culture. They will continue learning for many years to come, as they certainly have not mastered it!

When Steve and Gerdine return they will be meeting with their co-workers who have been patiently waiting for them to return. Together they will be looking for the Lord to lay a particular tribal group on their hearts. Pray for God’s leading as they think about future ministry possibilities.

Once they have identified one and talked through their long-term strategy on how they can best help the people group, they will be looking to move in to the area so that they can begin to learn their language and culture. They want to live life with them so that they can learn to be effective communicators.

If everything goes smoothly they hope to allocate sometime next year.

Steve and Gerdine’s intention is to work in PNG for as many years as they can. They have made up their minds to be there for the long haul, returning to Europe every few years to see family and reconnect with friends and supporters.

Pray for Steve and Gerdine and particularly Oscar to remain healthy, and for them to be able to minister. Moreover, to walk closely with the Lord.