All about Him

The theme of the conference was “It’s all about HIM”. They were reminded of what must be most important in their lives, namely Christ, and how to go about living their lives for Him.
It was also encouraging for Ben and Vina to be able to hear from other missionaries as they shared a little bit about some of the problems and difficulties they have gone through. Ben and Vina sometimes feel that no one would understand their situation on Bali and that they are the only ones with problems. It was good for them to be reminded that they are not alone and that there have been many missionaries who have gone before them who have had similar struggles. The body of Christ is a wonderful thing!
Ben and Vina, along with Stephen and Helen Martin, are still in Hoskins. Leadership has asked that over the next six weeks each of the three families in the Bali team would give particular focus to studying the Scriptures and prayer. At the end of June, Josh and Faye Butler (currently on home assignment) will return to Hoskins for two weeks so that the team can meet with leadership and talk through things. Please pray for good talks and also for wisdom for the leadership as to how they can help the team through the difficulties they are having with unity.
In spite of all the problems in the last months, the Lord has been gracious to grow Ben and Vina, not only in their relationship as husband/wife, but also in their relationship to Him. Even though it’s not always easy, they’re learning more of what it means to trust God and find their strength in Him.

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