Agta church

As Donovan and Charla Epp have studied the Agta culture and language for the past decade, a question they have often asked themselves is; What would an Agta church look like? What would Jesus look like in the life of an Agta person? The best way to describe the look of an Agta trusting in Jesus is this… they look happy and safe. This is a major contrast to the fear that has dominated the life of the animistic Dupaninan Agta, trying to appease the ‘spirits’ who controlled every area of their lives. These are newly adopted children of God. The overwhelming reaction to the Gospel message has been positive. Don and Char count it an incredible honour to be a part of what the Lord has been doing and to see the harvest start coming in.
Pray for the missionary team as they teach on prayer this coming Sunday, a topic a ‘power’ culture like the Agta will be thrilled to hear.
Nothing can quite explain the emotions of reaching a goal they have been dedicated to for over a decade, and see fruit like they are seeing. What a treat for them to see the Father’s hand at work all around them. Though the road has been rough, for Don and Char the joy of seeing Dupaninan Agta friends’ eyes open to truth for the first time has been immeasurable.
Next week Don and Char will go out of the village for a much needed break. They will be driving down to Manila where Thea, Koi and Zane will all be going to MK (Missionary Kids) camp. Their bodies are all full of rashes, and sores from the three-and-a-half-month stretch in the village. There is a lot of cream and ointment applications happening in their house! So far they seem to be winning the war on the ring worm and the volcanic pus sores. But the mystery rash is fighting hard! Pray that a break out of the tribe will reset their bodies back to ’normal’, whatever that is. Especially pray that the kid’s sores are cleared up before camp so they are allowed in the pool, and are not stuck in quarantine all week.

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