Aging Water System

The NTM support centre at Lapilo, Papua New Guinea, is currently stretched in its ability to provide clean water. The centre is operating with only one well, since the pump in the back up well has failed, and the aging water system that is constantly needing replacement parts. This system demands regular supervision and maintenance.  With the two key people able to operate and maintain the current system going on home assignment next year, time is critical. An upgraded water system will be more reliable and the operation and maintenance more manageable.

After 15 years, many major components of the water system have exceeded their expected lifespan.  This vital system filters out iron, softens and chlorinates to disinfect the water and make it safe to drink.  This system not only serves their support missionaries living at Lapilo – 75 houses, a school, medical clinic, dental clinic and a guesthouse, but also the local community. Twenty-six to thirty percent of the water going through the water system benefits their neighbours, who are invited to bring containers to fill up for safe drinking water in their homes.

The current chlorination system contains components that were designed for limited residential use, and it struggles to keep up with the current demand. The proposed new industrial system would be able to disinfect the water the community needs.  In addition, the system would be upgraded with a modern controller, which will prevent shutdowns and malfunctions with warnings before damage is done instead of after, as is a problem with the current system.  These warnings are important to prevent damage to systems and parts that are difficult to obtain and replace.

Pray for the provision of needed components for the water system so that the support centre can continue to function well, providing vital services enabling those serving in tribal locations to plant churches.