African Bush

In the middle of January Becki’s co-worker Penny was able to have a translation check for the Gospel of Luke. The team are thankful to all who prayed for this check which went well and the Gospel has already been printed. Penny is now starting to translate Philippians. She will also work on some Old Testament portions with a young Jalunga man. He is very interested in translation work and may already be a believer. Pray for Penny as she starts working with him and tries to explain the translations principles. Pray that he will understand it all and become a good help to Penny in translating the Bible.

Becki’s other co-workers the Hefners are on home assignment and plan to return to Senegal in January 2016. Pray that they will have an encouraging and refreshing time at home.

Becki continues with daily language sessions. She has almost worked through all the translated Bible books with her language helper who often complains how difficult it all is to understand! Becki hopes and prays that some of the passages they’ve read through together will stay with her language helper.

During her visits in the village Becki tries to practice her language as much as possible and on some days it goes well, others it doesn’t. The kids are often the best help to her as they just talk away without being shy and they don‘t care if Becki’s grammar is off. From time to time she finds some older people at home who are more than happy to entertain her for a while as it gives them a welcome change in their routine. The kids and the older people are often the only ones around in the village because the rest of the population still work in the gold mines. Lately very little gold has been found but the people keeps digging and hoping for more. The villagers recently also did a few sacrifices to increase the gold finds again. The missionaries see again and again how much the Jalunga’s need the truth and the Word of God. Please keep praying for the Jalunga’s that God will reach their hearts. It is so good to know that nothing is impossible for God and that He is able to change the heart of men even though it seems impossible to us.

Besides working in the gold mines the Jalunga‘s have also started working in their fields; cutting down trees and bushes to prepare them for planting season. The missionary team are glad that they are not completely focused on finding gold but are also starting to think of working in the fields again.

The last weeks and months have been difficult in the village. Many have been, and still are sick and there was no nurse stationed in the little village dispensary. The villagers went to the missionaries for help and even though they tried to help as much as possible they just didn’t have the amounts of medicine at hand that was needed. Penny also got sick a few weeks ago and still hasn’t fully recovered. Please keep praying for her that she will soon be well. Becki is thankful that she is still healthy.

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