Regina finds that many things are different to life in Germany. Nearly everything is sold on the street in Senegal.

Regina lives next to a shoe paradise – second hand and new shoes, which are taken out, washed and placed neatly on the sidewalk every morning and then wrapped up again in the evenings.

The flat roofs are very practical. You can hang up the clothes to dry and not worry about it being stolen or that the cattle chew on them. In addition, some people keep their chickens and sheep on the roof too.

Regina finds it a privilege to get to meet so many missionaries in Senegal. Some, who have encouraged her with their witness of God´s faithfulness and their advice. She still gets moments of being in awe when someone tells her how many years they’ve lived and served in Africa, recently she met with a woman who has spent over 40 years in West Africa.

A Mission Focus Team from Germany – a group of young people who wanted to see what mission work looks like in Senegal recently visited. NTM always offers different mission trips. You can find out about the next trip on the website.

Please pray for Regina as she often finds herself in situations in which she needs a lot of wisdom. For example: What does she do when her language helper asks for a raise? What does she do when the guard wants twice as much money from her than from the others? How should she react when someone wants her phone number? What should she do when strangers knock on her door? How should she help someone who asks for money? And so forth. Also pray that Regina would balance her time well and that she would guard her heart and walk in His ways.

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