One of the main changes that has happened for Liam, Ellen and family is that after almost 18 months of really being together most of the time, they are now working quite separately again, with Liam and Ellen in different areas of North Cotes College campus, one child at school and the other at nursery. They always remind the children that they are just as called to this life, as they are, that God is using them and has a role and a job for them too, not just for mummy and daddy. They are a whole family on mission.

Liam has really enjoyed working in the kitchen over the last term. The work is hard, but enjoyable and he gets on really well with his team. It is also a blessing for him to be able to meet the students every day and serve them in this way. However, whilst overall he really likes the work, there have been a few challenges. The kitchen team is quite small this year, and the majority of them are married with children. It is a juggle to cover all the shifts sometimes, and sometimes Liam feels he does not see the family a lot, as he is often away from the children from early morning to just before bedtime.

Over the past few months, he has had swelling and severe pain in the joints in his hands, which has now spread to his wrists and feet. The doctor is in the process of trying to diagnose what this could be, and running various tests. Apart from the pain, this condition is quite debilitating as he cannot use his hands to full function, and walking or standing for a long time is now painful.

Please pray:

– that the doctors would diagnose this quickly and that treatment would stop the worsening of these symptoms

– that this would all be sorted in good time for them to go to the field

– that God would give them peace and patience as we wait for the slow process of medical testing and referrals. 

Ellen’s first term in the nursery has been a lovely but busy one. She has three little ones especially under her care and it has developed a good bond with all three of them, and although her arms are always full, she is blessed in take care of these precious little ones and watch them grow and develop. The main challenge for Ellen is always the balance of her time.

Please pray:

– that Ellen would give herself fully to nursery during the hours she works, but be able to switch off and be fully present at home when she is back there.

– that she would be faithful in looking after the little ones entrusted to her, and she would be a good witness to them for the Gospel

The children have transitioned into school and nursery. The youngest has found it hardest, although she loves nursery now, she is still easily unsettled and definitely misses her big sister!

Please pray:

That they will both feel settled and at home for the rest of the year, and that God will be preparing their hearts for the next move. 

After a long term of adjustments and change, as a family they were so grateful that God gave them a really fantastic, and quite unexpected, little mini holiday for a few days.

Looking forward… For the moment there is not much Liam and Ellen can do in terms of direct preparation for the field. They are still aiming towards a summer leave date, but they hold loosely to their plans and tightly to God. For now, they are grateful to serve in reaching the unreached through their work at the college.