Adjusting to change

Initially when Phil and Vina returned to the Philippines they hoped to be in Manila while Phil taught through Revelation at the weekly Bible Study and while they bought supplies, school books etc. Their hope was to be back on Agutaya by mid-May, but they needed to attend the annual field conference in mid-June, and various meetings about the work. This meant an extra month in the city. On the bright side it gave Vina more time to get their home-schooling sorted and Phil got longer with the Bible study group (BTW, the group has grown again!). Unfortunately, it has meant they spent longer away from Agutaya and all they need to accomplish there. They are trusting the Lord in His perfect timing.

Once again everything felt so different: weather, food, sounds, smells, people. The first few days were hard. Vina’s aversion to change had its effect, partly because she kept looking back at what she had left behind, instead of looking at what lies ahead.
Vina is pleased to say that things are going much better. Through all the change she is greatly comforted by the knowledge that God never changes. No matter what the circumstances, He remains faithful. His promises are never changing, His Grace is always there, He is ever present. Knowing this gives Vina the courage to tackle the many changes that await them; albeit hesitantly at first.

In May the Philippines had their Election Day and a new President has been elected. With the new elections changes have happened on Agutaya too. There is a new Mayor. Phil and Vina have already built good relationships with the past Mayor, and she is a friend. But, they look forward to getting to know the new Mayor and hopefully forging new relationships there too. Please pray for the Lords favour on the island.

Vina has been using the Accelerated Christian Education Programme (ACE) to home-school the kids for the past nine years. She purchases all the books locally which greatly reduces the cost and makes it easier to get them to their location. It has been going so well until now. Recently Vina was informed (ACE) will no longer be supplying grades 11 and 12 to home-schoolers and that those kids need to be enrolled in a school. Valerie-Anne is in grade 12. This means Vina can no longer get her books she needs. Enrolling her in a school is not an option for them. Please join them in praying for wisdom.

Thank you for praying. Phil and Vina and family are encouraged knowing you are behind them holding the ropes.

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