They are now in “town” at the missionary centre where they will spend a month before heading back to the village. They write “town” with quotation marks because it is very different to what the word “town” means in the UK.

At the mission centre, they can buy food without having to drive to the local town. There is a grocery store on the other side of the street and they normally sell bread, but currently they are having problems with their power supply and so they cannot make bread on a regular basis. That kind of situation is common in PNG. Therefore, if André, Aurélie and family want bread they have to bake. They had lost that habit while in France (and they did not miss it). 

André and Aurélie are thankful to see their children adapt well to all these changes. Thank you for your prayers for them! They are glad to be back in PNG and to be with their American friends again. Aurélie continues to home school them. In April, they will also spend a week at the school on the NTM mission centre.

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