Acts grammar edit

After finishing editing the book of Acts, Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen, who serve among the Kankanaey in the Philippines needed to do a grammar/word order/spelling check on each lesson. Ragnar went over each lesson a few more times, in between these two checks, continuing to tweak a few little things here and there.

The ladies who had helped with the final check in Phase I, were ready and willing to go over these lessons in Acts too. It worked out well for them to visit Ragnar and Elizabeth’s home each day for a week. The ladies love being involved in this way and were willing to spend hours thoroughly going over each paragraph, sentence by sentence.

Elizabeth enjoyed listening to them discussing things like, should it be, ‘He went outside as soon as he could’ or ‘As soon as he could, he went outside.’

When driving them home each night, she just loved listening to them chatting with each other about what they had learned that day and what the Lord was teaching them through the book of Acts. They expressed that there was so much they had not even realised was in the Bible. How thankful they were that it was clearly explained and easy to understand. Their remarks were so encouraging:

“I have enjoyed learning about Paul’s first missionary journey so much; I can’t wait to go on to his second journey.”

“This has been fantastic – it will be wonderful to study it again at our conference.”

“Our friends will get to hear this too!”

One day while in the middle of a check, five ladies from Manila, along with their driver, popped in for a visit.  After catching up with each other over a cup of coffee, they all ‘snuck’ upstairs to peep in on the process. They were fascinated to hear Ragnar explain the steps. Many encouraging words followed, then time in prayer, committing the whole project once more to the Lord, before they all went back downstairs to enjoy dinner together.