It has been about three months since Ben and Tabea moved to a different area of Asia-Pacific, and they are starting to feel more settled. Most of the building work on their house is done and with the help of a friend, they were able to put in a kitchen and set up other parts of the house.


Three of their national co-workers just recently returned from a four-day survey trip on the island where as a team they are hoping to serve. They were able to meet up with some local leaders and pastors there and find out some information about people groups that are living up in the mountains who do not have access to the Gospel in their heart language.


Encouraged by the positive response, they are hoping to do another survey trip next month (February) but this time they hope to go all the way into a tribe and attend the inauguration of a new village leader as well as introduce themselves and their goal. Please pray for this trip and for wisdom in team formation.


Ben, Tabea and family are currently visiting an existing work in a remote village where there is already a church and missionary team. They plan to stay there for about two weeks to help with a church building project and build relationships with the team and believers here. As you can imagine this is in many ways a very valuable experience for them. Pray for them during these next two weeks.