Abundantly blessed

Many meetings with friends, prayer partners, supporters and different churches have taken place. Besides that Gerolf has been helping out in different ministries of their two sending churches.
Gerolf and Mailis baby was delivered safely and they are now adjusting to being a family of four.
Their son Richard, has been having a great time as well; he loves spending time with his Grandma and has been able to attend a nursery.
All in all, Gerolf and Mailis have been abundantly blessed by the Lord! According to 2 Cor 9:8, the Lord blesses us in such a way so that we can abound in every good work – so their desire and prayer is that they would also be a blessing to those they encounter during their Home Assignment. Gerolf and Mailis plan to spend two months in Estonia at the end of the year before heading back to PNG in February 2016.
Gerolf was able to call the main Bible teacher in the Dom a couple of times to hear how things are going. This Bible teacher continues teaching the new believers in two places and is busy in his ministry as the chairman of the FNBC (Fellowship of National Bible Churches) Chimbu Committee. As far as Gerolf and Mailis know, the other two teachers continue to teach the believers in their village.
In July the two Dom churches had visitors who brought the very first copies of the Dom New Testament to believers who are able to read. It is hard to express how very important and special that moment was! One of the oldest and most faithful believers could not put his copy down and just continued reading into the night! These copies are still not the final ones Gerolf and Mailis’s co-workers Jim and Judy Burdett are hoping that people will point out things that need to be corrected. God willing, the Burdetts will be back in Dom this month and will work on making the necessary changes so that the final copies can be printed and dedicated next year.

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