Eyes that will not tire

Five men and five women make up the team that are doing the final read-through of the Embaloh Bible in their village in Asia-Pacific. Some smaller epistles are being read in a group. Individuals are tackling longer books, with each book being read completely by at least two people. A lady from the village who recently finished missionary training is facilitating this process. She says “…We are eager for the Embaloh people to have a Bible in their heart language and that everyone who reads it will come to know the Lord and grow spiritually through it. We surely count on your prayers in this important ministry.”

Fifteen books have been read through once already! Due to flooding, a small boat was used to get around the village delivering the scripture for reading!

Please pray that their eyes will not tire easily and that they will pick up anything that needs to be revised. Also pray that this read-through will ignite a new hunger in the Embaloh church for having the Word in their language.

Another tribal church group located not far from the Embaloh tribe has a lack of materials in their heart language, Taman as well. They are still in the initial stages of this project, so they do not have a lot of information about what will be printed, but it could include a songbook, lesson material and scripture books, although nothing as complicated as a Bible reprint.