A year of change

Fernando and Tabitha are so thankful for her precious little life! Everything went well and Eliana has been a very content baby so far. Daniel is getting used to his little sister and loves helping to take care of her.

This year Fernando and Tabitha will be changing fields of ministry from Mozambique to Brazil. They were able to bring their time in Mozambique to a good closure. It was not easy to say goodbye to dear friends and leave a country they have grown to love over the past seven years. However, thankfulness for all God has so abundantly blessed Fernando and Tabitha with, and allowed them to be a part of in their time in Mozambique, predominates. He has been so good and faithful!! They were able to hand over all their responsibilities to others who are carrying on.

Now that the holidays are over and Eliana is born, Fernando and Tabitha’s thoughts and energy go out to the new ministry ahead of them at the mission school Puraquequara, in the Amazon area of Brazil. They have tickets to leave the Netherlands in early March and will be flying to the school first. Many of the staff will be going on home assignment this coming summer and this way they can see how things work before getting properly started at the school and taking over responsibilities in August. They hope to go visit Fernando’s family and home church during the summer holidays in June/July.

There are many changes ahead and Fernando and Tabitha appreciate your prayers in them all. Please pray…
– that God would go before them in the task He has for them in Puraquequara. Pray that they will be a blessing and that God would equip them with wisdom, energy and insight for the new task.
– For Daniel and Eliana to make all the transitions smoothly in every way. Please specifically pray for a good friend for Daniel, as his time in the Netherlands has been quite lonely in that regard.
– For energy and health, as they transition from the cold in Holland to the heat of the Amazon.
– For wisdom as they pack and safety as they travel.
– For encouraging opportunities to share about missions.
– That in all the busyness of family life, packing, moving, setting up home and starting a new ministry, they would keep God as their focus and take time to daily be with Him!

Fernando and Tabitha are so thankful to know that they can trust an unchanging and faithful God!

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