A worthy celebration

On July 13th, Noe, Lisa, Naya and Jocie Martinez, had the privilege to be a part of the Tigak Bible Dedication! It was a wonderful day of celebration. They had quite a good turnout! Many from their own village, their current co-workers, a former co-worker, several missionaries from around PNG, representatives from churches of two of the neighbouring language groups, as well as representatives from several other Tigak villages came together to celebrate.

They were thankful for prayer during the weeks leading up to this special day. The LORD is worthy! Worthy to be celebrated and worthy to have His Word celebrated. The Martinez family, praise and thank Him that the Tigak people now have a completed New Testament* printed and available to them!

*The New Testament is 100% complete! This printing also includes Genesis, 1 Samuel, Ruth, and Jonah, as well as portions/verses from several other Old Testament books. Work on further Old Testament translation for a future reprinting is ongoing.

Please continue to pray for the ongoing Tigak translation work!