A wonderful job

While celebrating the Lord’s birth as a team and as the body of Christ, Ralf and Elli also celebrated some other birthdays, enjoyed fellowship with the believers, worked on the Bible translation and had a good relaxing time as a family.

Ralf and a Dinangat Bible teacher were able to go to a neighbouring village where the people had listened to some false doctrine and got confused about the true Gospel of grace. They were able to talk to the Bible teachers there and some believers. The great news is that most of them are again standing strong in the Truth but unfortunately there is one guy which was their main Bible teacher who is still convinced by this other teaching that he heard. Please pray for him!

The first day of the year started out with three girls and a young mother who wanted to be baptised. It was wonderful for Ralf and Elli to see those young people (among them was the daughter of their co-workers) giving their testimony of how they believe in Jesus as their own personal Saviour and Lord.

Please pray for the upcoming ‘Post Literacy Programme’ which their co-workers, the Markleys, have been faithfully working on for the last few months. It will start at the beginning of February. This course is to help the believers to work on their reading skills. Many of them can read well, but not well enough to understand what they are reading and to enjoy reading. Please pray that this course will be a great tool for the people to be strengthened in their reading skills in order to understand and love the Word of God! Pray for Jeremiah and April as they are overseeing this course!

Ralf and Elli got back to the Missions Centre in town in the middle of January. Thank you so much for all your prayers for them and the Dinangat church! They are encouraged in this work and very thankful to have such a wonderful job!

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