A waiting game

Recently though Steve and Gerdine have been to several churches to present what has been going on in PNG. They have been encouraged to see people interested and actively supporting God’s work in a faraway country.

Steve has been busy formatting and readying the material they translated for publication and they now have a 175 page book, King of Glory – Tok Pisin completed, finished! Checking every single sentence for punctuation, reading carefully for mistakes for the ‘nth’ time and tweaking paragraph spacing was tedious, agonising work for Steve – not his cup of tea! They are just waiting on approval for the back cover blurb before emailing the file to PNG ready for printing. What they have learned is that translation projects take HUGE amounts of time.

Gerdine is over the 37-week mark of the pregnancy. They are really excited to meet their son and start being parents! Now it is just a just a waiting game.

Philip and Natalie, their co-workers, returned to PNG in December with their five month old son Louis. Pray for them as new parents. Also, pray for them as a team that they would soon find a third family to work with. Philip and Natalie now have time to get to know available families in PNG.

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