A visit to West Africa

It will be Peter Hansen’s first visit to that part of the world and he counts it a privilege to be able to go. Pray that he will be well prepared for the trip and that he will be a blessing and encouragement to those with whom he interacts.
Peter continues to work with NTM’s International Ministries Team, helping missionaries to minister for many years where God places them. Rachel is daily busy with all the responsibilities of home and home schooling. With spring here, she is planting and working in the garden. The family enjoy the fruit of her labour.
Peter and Rachel are thankful to all those who prayed for them during the home-going of Rachel’s mum in December. It is indeed a loss that she isn’t with them any longer, but Peter and Rachel are so thankful that she is with Christ her Saviour. Recently they had the privilege of having Rachel’s dad, Richard, stay with them for two weeks.
Peter’s ministry also includes concerns for families and their children. He continues to look for ways to best assist missionaries and missionary children as they live overseas. In the first couple of years in particular there are many adjustments for them. Thankfully, as people adjust to their adopted country, they often fall in love with the people and culture and learn to thrive. Yes, there are cultural things they may never get used to, but we also have those in our home cultures.
For the last eight weeks Peter and Rachel have really enjoyed having their son Philip and his wife Natalie with them. They have been visiting in the USA before heading back to Papua New Guinea as a married couple. They are looking forward to seeing what ministry the Lord will put them in. Their desire is to work with an isolated people group, ministering to those who otherwise are unlikely to hear the Good News.
Peter and Rachel’s son Caleb, 12, had his first surgery in April. He now has a 3” long scar on the inside of his right knee after a benign tumour was removed. He did really well through surgery, and the report from the follow-up visit was very encouraging.
Last month Peter and Rachel celebrated their son Daniel’s high school graduation. He had worked diligently to finish and was even able to finish a few weeks early. His plans are to work at a children’s camp this summer and then in the autumn to go to New Tribes Bible Institute in the USA. He is very excited about going and believes the Lord is leading him to become a missionary. At present, he desires to return to Papua New Guinea.

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