A visit to Amdu

Lisa Hatton’s time with her grandkids was wonderful! She stayed with her son, Benjamin, and his family in their tribal location for almost four weeks and enjoyed it all. She got to know and love those dear Amdu people and found herself having to hold back the tears as she left them and looked into their faces, longing for them to hear the Gospel and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for Benjamin and Missy as they work hard to learn the culture and language of the Amdu people.
Lisa also spent time in the Highlands of PNG where she and her late husband, James, lived and worked for almost 20 years,. Benjamin and family were there with her too. She was able to reconnect with many old friends, the fellowship was sweet and the blessings too many to tell. Lisa was encouraged to hear of many of the different works that God is doing in that great country.
While making the long journey across the world by herself, Lisa was well aware of prayer support. God looked after her every step of the way. He kept her healthy and gave her the energy she needed, even to make quite a challenging hike down the side of a mountain and back again. Looking back, Lisa is so thankful for the whole experience and the prayers of other believers as well as the financial support to be able to make that long anticipated trip.
Lisa had another delightful family get together back in Michigan less than two weeks after her return. Her daughter, Deborah Joy, got engaged to Matt Zowada. Matt is finishing up his missionary training with NTM over the next two months and Deborah will be finished in December, when they plan to marry.
At NTBI, Lisa has a great bunch of married students this term; the classroom is totally full when the team meets with all the couples every Thursday morning. Lisa is working on getting to know them and is already blessed and encouraged by the young people God continues to bring to the Bible College. Lisa is excited to think that He may send some of them out to PNG and other places to continue building His church and feels privileged to still be a part of His work.

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