A timely gift

Francois and Nadia had asked for prayer for a more suitable vehicle for the ministry in Mozambique and they received two! How much more did the Lord bless them with than they could even think or pray for?! Praise the Lord for always knowing what we need and when we need it!
Francois has gone to Johannesburg to register the vehicles and start the exporting process. Pray for him. Bureaucracy doesn’t have “cracy” in the word for nothing! The gift of vehicles is just in time since they are on their way back to Mozambique in just a few days! They will be scattered as a family for a while, though, and need your prayers:
Nadia will be travelling with Waldo; they will be attending a pre-workshop workshop week in Johannesburg and then, together with the literacy consultants, they will travel to Nampula in Mozambique for the workshop. They will stay in a dorm for that week, helping other church plants setting up their literacy programmes – exciting!
Heidi-Marie will stay with Nadia’s family in South Africa to attend Ezra Christian School until the end of the school term (June). She is very excited to have the opportunity to participate in netball, dancing and entrepreneurs’ day next month with her school friends. Pray for her as this is a real test in responsibility and learning to make good decisions! Pray for the entire Hattingh family for their added responsibility.
Pray that Francois be able to register and export at least one the vehicles very soon as he and Franco (and the dog!) hope to leave for Mozambique’s capital for the importation. Pray for this process, that it will proceed smoothly and quickly and that the Lord also be honoured. They are still looking for a place to stay for their time in the capital, so pray for all the logistics to fall into place.
Hopefully by the beginning of June they will all be back home in Mwinikaland! They will be together (minus Heidi) for two weeks before Francois needs to leave for a conference/meetings in West-Africa. Francois and Nadia would appreciate your prayers during these weeks (before he leaves, and of course afterwards too!) as much will need to be done to get the house, office and school set-up and functional again. It will also mean a busy time for visiting and being visited by their friends and fellow believers!
Pray with Francois and Nadia for the church in Mwinikaland, that they will stay strong in the Lord and continue to grow in truth and grace.

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