A time of adjusting!

Koen’s daily work at the hangar starts with a prayer time, then helping to push airplanes out of the hangar and more studying.
Koen has an exam coming up sometime in April and he has a lot to study in preparation. He has to know the law concerning aviation in PNG, understand the NTMA finances and what the individual team members are doing etc. The government looks at NTMA as an aviation company. The exam board is CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. He will have to pass this oral test before he can officially become the team leader of the NTMA team.
NTMA is part of the bigger team aiding the missionaries in getting the Gospel to the tribal areas.
Anne-Laure’s ministry is not defined yet, so she does what her hands find to do and helps where she can. Recently with the help of a co-worker she re-covered the pilot and co-pilot’s seats of a helicopter that was having a 100 hour check. Praise God the end result looks good.
Koen and Anne-Laure’s days look very different and they are still getting used to it. They miss one another because they have worked most of the last twenty years together. Now it is special to have lunch together, whereas before they just took it for granted.
The Bible teaching for the workers on the base has finished. Please keep praying. In a few weeks Bible studies will start on Tuesday and Friday lunchtime. Pray that many will come to hear.
Anne-Laure’s house-help’s mother has been Anne-Laure’s tribal mother for almost twenty years. Sadly her health has gone downhill and she suffered from some form of dementia. She has been missing for a week. If someone would find her alive and would ask her, she would not know her name or where she belongs. Her family are afraid that she has fallen into the river. The river is really high and the current is strong. They might have some kind of a funeral this coming week. Please pray for Anne-Laure’s house-help and family at this sad time.
Pray for Koen and Anne-Laure as they have a hard time sleeping at the moment. They wake up every night and lay awake for a while. Also pray for Anne-Laure as she has somehow injured her knee. She needs to keep running to keep a positive mind. She runs with a brace and that goes just fine. But bending the knee or going down the stairs is painful. She also has something that feels like some swelling under her left foot and yet it all looks normal. They are also praying for the provision of solar panels as electricity is very expensive in PNG.

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