A thousand Bibles

“Our Bible is done?” This was the excited video call Clark and Mary Aspinwall received last week when they sent a picture of their completed printed Bru Bible to their friends in Southeast Asia! The first two Bibles were sent from the printers for them to see before the rest of the shipment is made. When Mary first saw a picture of the completed Bible, she broke down in uncontrollable tears. What a thrill to see the project that they have been working on for over twenty years finally be complete! The rest of the thousand copies (the fewest they could have printed) will have to clear customs. A dedication for these Bibles is something that they and the Bru church will have to plan. Their desire of course is to be able to participate in this joyous occasion, but they will see what will actually happen.

Clark has now completed three rounds of maintenance chemo for the Glioblastoma (brain tumour). On August 11th, there will be another scan, which will then be reviewed by the medical team, and they will hear their findings on the 15th. It would be wonderful if they were told that things are clear. He also recently got new glasses with progressive lenses, and they are really helping him to be able to see things more clearly, though he continues to have some blind spots. They are thankful that he is not having any issues with pain.

This Monday is their big move. They have had a wonderful four months with their son and his family in the USA. Now they feel it is time for each of them to have their own space again. They will be returning fairly often for doctor appointments, so they will still have opportunities to be together. The blessing of family is not something they take for granted. In Missouri, their jobs at the training centre there are yet to be determined. They look forward to having a bit more structure to their

Thank you for your prayers.