A sweet fragrance

As-salamu alaykum – Peace be to you! (Arabic greeting)

Now that Jenny de Jong lives in Senegal she is learning to appreciate new summer scents. Trees in full blossom, spiced onion sauce over rice or the smell of damp sand after freshly fallen rain. The question is, what fragrance do we spread? The Apostle Paul wrote, “We are a sweet fragrance of Christ unto God, among them that are being saved and among them that are perishing; for the latter a scent of death, which leads to death, but for the former a scent of life, which leads to life. 2Cor. 2:15-16. What a privilege and task He has trusted to His church!

In addition to the cultural events that Jenny has been able to experience such as a religious feast and a baby naming, she has daily lessons or plans ‘interviews’ with Senegalese friends. She is now halfway through phase 4, which means that there will be another three months before she is in the final language phase. She is grateful for the progress and hopes that later this month she can get advice again from an American language coach who will be in Senegal by then, if all goes well.

Pray for Jenny’s progress and persistence in the second year of language study, for concentration and a good night’s sleep.

Jenny gives thanks for a full year in Senegal! Time has flown. God provided health, supported language and culture learning, gave friendships and support in prayer and finances. She is thankful for the contact with her neighbours.

Pray for the Senegalese Church, their testimony and for her host family.

Pray for open doors in a ministry for Jenny in the future.