A step of faith

Donovan and Charla Epp are excited to share with you another step of obedience that the Agta believers have taken! They have seen many Agta stop fearing the spirits and start walking in truth. They have seen joy as the Agta have trusted in Jesus’ sacrifice to pay for their freedom. Many Agta have continued to learn and grow in Bible knowledge over the past two years. In the last few months, the missionary team have been teaching from the book of Acts where baptism is talked about repeatedly, and they have been waiting for the Spirit of God to direct the believers in this step of obedience of being baptised.

A few weeks ago, two Agta men were in a church meeting in another location further down the coast. They were concerned because of what the pastor was teaching about baptism and good works, in regards to salvation. Being firm in truth regarding salvation, these two men spoke with the pastor about what Jesus did on the cross to pay for their sin in full. They ended up sharing the Gospel message with him.

This visit to another church sparked the topic of baptism in the Agta church gathering the next Sunday. It was decided that they would have a baptism the next day, down at the river. Anyone who believed and trusted in Jesus’ work on the cross for salvation was invited to be baptised. Donovan and Charla were encouraged that the ones desiring baptism were Agta who had clearly shown evidence of true faith in their lives. Nine Agta were baptised in the river, along with Donovan and Charla’s three children. Thea, Koi and Zane also desired to show the community their commitment to follow Jesus by being baptised.

Pray that as they continue to grow in their faith, as they struggle, as they ask their own tough questions, they will continue to look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.