A Special Summer

Jason, Nisae, Kadynn, Judah and Eden Williamson had an incredible summer in the USA, being reunited as a family once again! It began with meeting up with Kadynn and seeing her fiancé, Collin, for the first time in person. They had a celebration for Judah’s graduation from high school and then spent some time on holiday together in Florida. It was something that they had all looked forward to for many months!

They saw God’s handiwork in bringing everything and everyone all together to celebrate Kadynn and Collin’s marriage. The big day was lovely in every way.

It was a strange mix of emotions as they gathered with family and friends to celebrate, and also had to say some hard goodbyes. Jason left for Papua New Guinea with Eden to get her back in school on time. After spending time helping Judah prepare for college, Nisae made a solo trip back around the world. It was a smooth journey and when she landed, Nisae was able to spend a day catching up with Eden at school and then the next day travelled to be with Jason. It has been good for them to be together again to not only process the big changes to their family over the past few weeks, but also as they look ahead and strategise about the ministries God has given them in PNG. They are grateful that He continues to use them to build His church! Pray for them as a family.

Jason and Nisae both hit the ground running helping the new missionaries (who arrived at the beginning of August) get acclimatised and settled into life in PNG. They, along with another veteran missionary family, have been tasked with this job for the next few months. This involves a lot of practical things as well as sharing their stories and helping new missionaries form their own family and church planting values as they look to their future ministries on the field.

Alongside this is the ever present need for their help with continued discipleship in the Iski church. Jason was able to spend a couple days in the village when he first arrived. More recently, Jason and Nisae, flew to see their Iski friends to teach and encourage them in their marriages, families, and responsibilities in the church. Pray for intentional interactions and special fellowship, as well as discernment as they help address different situations in the church on these visits.

It had not rained for over a month prior to their visit! In answer to prayer, God sent heavy rain an hour after they arrived in the village, which provided drinking water for them and the visiting Bible teachers all week long. They ran out of water on the last day, however, it rained for ten more minutes, and got them through one more day. What a great example of God’s loving care. They taught through 1 Timothy, and used this as a springboard to discuss the leadership structure of the church there.

On their last full day in the village, as everyone was meeting to hear foundational teaching on creation, Jason and Nisae started to feel the ground shake under their feet. It kept going… they braced themselves as if they were on surfboards, and watched as the palm trees swayed and the meetinghouse shook. The Bible teacher paused and everyone sat and waited for it to stop. Then the teaching continued and life moved on as normal with a bit of chatter about how big the earthquake felt. It was not until seven hours later when that they discovered that the earthquake registered at 7.6 and the epicentre was not too far away from them! They flew back to town and began hearing more about the damage caused around the country. Please pray for service workers around as they repair damage to an already fragile infrastructure!

Thank you for your prayers and for your partnership in this ministry!