A solid plan

There are still a lot of unknowns regarding Covid-19 and quarantine, so it is very difficult for Jonathan and Heidi Bamford who serve in the Philippines, to come up with a solid plan. However, Jonathan had a concrete one. When quarantine started, work parties were not allowed, so he was left in possession of eight sacks of cement and a large pile of gravel. There was a gap in the retaining wall to allow people access to the river, but it also allowed the river access to the ground behind the retaining wall. If Jonathan has time in the afternoon, he goes out and spends an hour working with cement.  He is into his fourth bag. The gap in the retaining wall is boxed in and he is working on a path up to the helipad.

Their Isnag neighbours already have a solid plan in place for June; they are hoeing. The rice is coming up and it looks great. The weeds come up just as fast and the industrious farmers are hoeing like crazy to win the race. Once the rice is high enough, they can stop hoeing.  A few people have already got to this point and the rest should finish up within the next few weeks.

Prayer and Praise:

They were able to finish the first draft of Philippians last week.

The wife of Jonathan’s language helper gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The baby was born in a hospital in the lowlands. Please pray that their family will be able to get permission to pass through the quarantine checks so that they can return home.

Pray for the mission pilot and his family who are in a different region and trying to get back up north so that they can support missionaries with a flight service. They are going to try to travel soon. Please pray that they will have a safe and successful trip.

Thank you for your prayers.