A Shipment has arrived

The house construction is moving forward, but it’s looking more and more likely that Alessandro and Chantal won’t be able to move in until January. Please continue praying for the construction!

They are so thankful that their shipment has finally arrived in port! One of the mission’s administrators is taking care of getting the shipment out of customs in the coming days. Pray that everything goes well and that the custom fees are reasonable.

As soon as the shipment is out of port, Alessandro will begin the long journey to get it. On his way to Guinea, he’ll stop at the village where they used to live to uninstall some items they need to install in their new house. He’ll have to spend the night before continuing on to Guinea to the Konyagi village where the missionary team works. While there, he’ll talk with the village elders about when to have the house inauguration. Alessandro and a co-worker will make the long trip on terrible roads to go get the shipment. Pray for this long difficult trip which in total is well over 2,000 km! During this time, Chantal, with the help of Roberta, will be taking care of the children in Dakar. Your prayers for them are also appreciated!

Thank you very much for the important role you play in Alessandro and Chantal’s lives and ministry through your prayers.

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