A secure future

Paul and Susan recently had a good conversation with one of the Gende Bible teachers and prayed for him/them over the phone. He got all emotional and sad for Paul and Susan but told them they are all well and no problems. He continues to go to a village on Sundays and is teaching the small group of believers there from the book to the Romans.

Another Bible teacher keeps the work going in another village. Paul and Susan are thankful for these two faithful brothers in the Lord, saved only a few years, but being used of the Lord.
Pray for a faithful believer that has been attending the meetings since he was saved. Currently he is not always there as he has some big worry over a daughter. The Bible teacher said he goes to sit with him and encourage him at his house. This is a reaction Paul and Susan have seen over the years, that when a believer is not feeling right about something they think they need to keep away from the fellowship. They sent a message to be passed on to him.

One of the Bible teachers was also able to attend the presentation of the New Testament in another language group recently and was met in the nearest town by a mature brother from yet another tribe and they travelled together. This fellowship would have been a great boost to him.
Pray for a Gende lady who was eligible for early release from prison last year. Paul and Susan have not heard if that happened. She shared the Gospel with many of her fellow prisoners.

Thank you for your prayers for our precious brothers and sisters.
Whilst in England, Paul and Susan continue to serve the Lord where they can in sharing God’s Word with believers and the unsaved and in being encouragers to those they know of who are needing some practical help in any way. They recently helped to clean at a camp near Derby as they have a quick turnaround for another group starting next day.

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